what to expect

Information & Location

dress for weather


clothing is optional ... kidding but seriously clothing can make or break being comfortable onboard. the weather on water can be much colder on land and change within an instant. We recommend all guests to bring a jacket, hoodie, long-sleeved, etc. to keep yourself comfortable onboard. Interested in swimming? There is plenty of room below to change privately.
Sunglasses, Sunscreen and a Hat are always great items to bring aboard.

staying hydrated & fed

food & drinks

The fresh sea air can make you hungry, honestly! There is plenty of cold storage onboard for guest provisions. Sandwiches, cheese boards etc, cheese board? We can keep your food and drinks cold until you are ready to enjoy them. We do not recommend bringing food which needs to be cooked. Hot meals can be discussed for the Half or full day charter.
So please feel free to bring all the chips, crackers, cheese, sandwiches, dip and more you want to enjoy.

your favorite beer, wine or mixed drink


Who doesn't love a cold cocktail on the water? While some of our cruises do offer complementary beverages, you may have some special requests. Please feel free to bring any alcohol or mixers in order for us to mix your go to cocktail. Guests who are 21yo or older are allowed to consume alcohol onboard. All guests who are having an alcoholic drink must show proof of age with a valid ID. Please drink responsibly and understand that our Captain has the right to cut off any guest for the sake of guest safety onboard. Any cruise in which too much alcohol has been consumed too quickly/things are getting too roudy/ etc will be cut short and the boat will return to dock immediately.

so much to see


There are so many attractions and points of interest in Narragansett Bay and we make sure to cover as many as we can. Our routes are pre planned and with our local knowledge, offer the best experience for our guests. With that being said, if there is anything that you have on your list that is a MUST SEE, please feel free to discuss the option with our office or captain. we stay north of Castle Hill inn within the protection of the bay. For full day and half day charters, we can venture anywhere in the bay provided there is enough time allotted.

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